Michael Nahkies

My name is Michael Nahkies, welcome to my website. I am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. This is my final year, and I am graduating in the December 2013 ceremonies. I've owned this domain for roughly four years now, and this is the first time I've actually put a website on it. Up until now, I have simply used the domain for my emails, and for hosting occasional experiments or demonstrations. However, as I am currently in the market for graduate roles, I felt that it would perhaps be more professional to replace the test page that has dwelled here.

Through out high school, and subsequently university I have been involved with web. The first programming language I learnt to a proficient level was Adobe's Actionscript 2.0 for Flash Player (back when Flash was still cool), followed by Actionscript 3.0 when it was released. Most of my creations with this are long gone, and there was never anything particularly spectacular anyway. However there is a XML News widget, and an XML Photo Gallery still floating around. That photo gallery is part of a website I created for the resturant I worked at part time as a barista through my teen years.

During my final year of University I changed jobs to work part time as a web developer, and designer for a local company. This threw me in the deep end a bit as while I had some knowledge of PHP, at that stage I wouldn't have called myself particularly experienced. In addition, I had always worked with linux servers running apache and mysql, where as they are using a dedicated windows server with IIS and MSSQL server. I was able to pick up the required skills quickly however, and have completed a number of notable features in my time there. The latest project I have been working on is a booking system for campervan rentals, that is required to support roughly 80 companies across four countries and several languages.

I'm flat tack with university and work commitments at this time, and so I'm not interested in taking on any freelance work at this stage. I am hoping to move into a software engineering graduate position at the beginning of next year (negotiable). My preferred poison is either Python or Java, in a well structured agile team environment. Python has been the language of choice most of the way through my degree for assignments and projects, and thus I've become quite comfortable with it. I've also tinkered with technologies such as Google App Engine and Django, using python as an alternative to PHP.

I've become experienced in Java (in a desktop context), through a year long group project that was completed during my final year. In a team of five, our task was to produce a UML diagramming tool, similar to the likes of Dia and Umbrello. Through my part time job I have become very experienced at PHP, JS, HTML, CSS and SQL. However I would prefer to move away from PHP going forward in my career. I also have limited experienced with C and C++, as well as Clojure and Prolog through courses I have taken such as an introduction to embedded systems, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.